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Weaned Baby Parrots And Fertile Eggs For Sale

If you need weaned baby parrots or fertile eggs please contact us on variety species like macaw, cockatoos,Grey and Amazon parrots for sale. fertile eggs is available if you are interested to hatch out chicks. These eggs are sold with a hatching incubator. we have captive breed as well as related breeder pairs for sale. make an order now.

- Hyacinth Macaw
- Scarlet Macaw
- Blue Gold Macaw
- Catalina Macaw
- Congo African Grey
- Moluccan Cockatoo
- Umbrella Cockatoo
- Rose Breasted Cockatoo
- Black Palm Cockatoo
- G.Hill Mynahs
- Double yellow headed amazon
- yellow nape Amazon
- Blue frontier Amazons

I want to downsize my breeding farm and would not want to hatch any eggs for now. I can arrange for any shipping orders if you are not familiar with the process. If you need weaned baby birds or fertile eggs of the above species let me know. I will response only to serious inquiries.